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My name is Shayne Holmes, and I am a horse riding, book-loving, candle snob. I grew up on a farm in North Central Oregon with my parents and two sisters. After graduating high school, I started college at North Central University in Minneapolis, MN, and then transferred to Feather River College in Quincy, CA. I ended up with a bachelor’s degree in Equine and Ranch Management. After college, I moved back to my hometown, Kent. I am currently working for Mid-Columbia Producers, a grain co-op spanning four counties in northern Oregon. I also help my parents on the farm as much as my work schedule allows.

King of the hay bale

As of right now, I only have one horse named Beau, but I am always looking for more (I may be a little obsessed!). I have had Beau since he was a weanling, and he is a big teddy bear. I also have a whopping 11 cows! I am passionate about reading and can get lost in a good book to the point of not knowing where I am. I love just about anything fiction or historical. If you have a favorite book, I’d love to hear about it as I am always looking for my next read! While I was in college, I started my own candle business, called CowgirlCreations97. I mentioned earlier that I am a total candle snob, and starting this business made me that way. There are many ways to make candles out there and many different fragrances, so I am very particular about how I make mine, from the ingredients to how I decorate them!

Baby Beau!
Hot Apple Pie Candle

I created The Sojourner’s Journey as a way to bring women in similar walks of life together to share their experiences, hardships, and advice. I know sometimes, we can feel alone and isolated, especially after all we have experienced with COVID-19. The Sojourner’s Journey is here to help remind you that you’re not alone and other people are going through the same struggles as you are. The Sojourner’s Journey is meant to be a community of women who uplift and encourage other women and give hard-working women more ideas to juggling all of the areas of their lives. Most of the posts here are short and to the point, geared towards the busy life.

Indian Paintbrush

I chose the name “The Sojourner’s Journey” for my blog because I felt like a sojourner for a long time. But not in the traditional sense of the word sojourner, because while I do love to travel, I am also very much a homebody and enjoy feeling settled in one place. I think of myself more as a sojourner through time. I think of each season of my life as being a short stopping-over point on a long journey. I stay in each season long enough to learn what that season has for me and grow; then, I move on to the next season. I hope that something in this blog will resonate with you and that you will be able to take something valuable away from your time with me!

Happy Journeys!


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