Introduction to Health and Wellness

In the Health and Wellness category, I’ll share what I do to stay healthy. Keep in mind that what each individual needs to do to keep healthy looks different. It also depends on many factors, so the information I share won’t work for everyone’s lifestyle and health needs. But I hope that some of you will be able to take away something helpful. I love hearing from ya’ll, so please feel free to share your own health journeys!

Riding the range wearing Mom’s coat!

I lead a pretty active lifestyle, although how active I am really depends on the season. Winter is a slower time of the year. I spend more time doing projects inside, like home improvement projects or book work or making candles. And at work, we also spend more time in the office and less time shoveling bins or dumping grain trucks (thank goodness!). I found a great fitness app, called FitOn, that I love to use in the winter to help keep me toned and make getting back into shape in the spring a little less brutal. They have short workouts that are perfect for a busy schedule! I am much more active in the spring, summer, and fall months. I would say I spend roughly 6-10 hours a day up, on my feet moving around. I am riding horses, fixing fences, shoveling bins, and dumping trucks quite often during those months. Although, every once in a while, I can sneak onto the tractor! I don’t workout during these months since I am very active, and also, I work a lot of hours and just don’t have the time. I have to stretch all of the time, though; otherwise, I get really tight and stiff. And it is a constant, dull pain that can be avoided by stretching for about 10 minutes every day. So I still use FitOn to find good stretches and help me switch up my routine.

Hope helps fix fence too!

As far as my diet, I try to stay away from sugar, mostly. I don’t get too strict about it unless I feel lethargic or crummy. Then I’ll go on a sugar fast (which I’m supposed to be on now, but the Christmas cookies just seem to never disappear!) and try to limit sugar when I do start eating it again. But other than that, I just try to eat a balanced meal. This is more difficult in the winter because I don’t like store-bought produce. You can read more about my loathing for store produce and where I get my cooking ingredients from in the Introduction to Cooking article! Posts coming soon to the Health and Wellness category include more about FitOn and how I cut sugar out of my diet.

Happy Journeys!


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