Introduction to Candles

I mention in my About Me article that I am a CANDLE SNOB. This is the story of how I became one! I started making candles in 2017. My college roommate and I loved burning candles to the point I needed a separate budget category dedicated to candles! So, I started looking into making candles and selling them on the side to create a little extra cash and stop dipping into my college savings. It turns out that I really enjoy the candle making process, and I love to decorate them and create centerpieces. I thought this would just be something I would do during college and then get a real job after graduating and just start making them for myself. But it is such a nice break from all of the other stuff I have to do in my life that I have begun to turn it into a viable side hustle. I don’t need it to replace my full-time job; I just want to give others the same enjoyment I get out of burning candles while at the same time not going broke making them! I am always looking for ways to keep my candles affordable because some of the candles you see on the store shelves and online are ridiculously expensive! And that is how CowgirlCreations was born.

All About my Candles and Soap

Christmas Hearth was a huge Christmas hit!
Amaretto Eggnog 16 Oz Candle
Moon Lake Musk is one of my favorite scents

I use soy wax for my candles because I like how it burns, and it is naturally derived from soybeans. Most of the fragrances I use are blends of essential oils, but a few aren’t. I have made a few candles with aromatherapy benefits, but I have mostly focused on fall and winter/Christmas scents. And I make centerpieces, as well. I would love to get into wedding and event decorating, but I haven’t had the time to pursue that yet. I also make soap. I started out using melt and pour bases (which I consider cheating because the soap part of the soap is already made for you, but it was a great place to start!). Now I am experimenting with formulating my own soaps. Again, as with the candles, I stick with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil and ingredients like sugar and honey for additives. I don’t have any of these listed yet, as they take 4-6 weeks to cure, and I am still tweaking a few things!

I love the freedom and creative outlet of making candles and soap. It is an excellent way to relax and enjoy a break while still feeling like I am being productive. And it has been another way for me to save a little money, which is always a bonus! Don’t forget to check out my Etsy page at! Keep checking back for more on my candle-making journey.

Happy Journeys!


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