Meet the Herd: Beau

Meet Beauregard! Since that is such a mouthful, I call him Beau for short. Beau is a four-year-old gelding that I had the pleasure of training. He is an awesome, little horse, although he isn’t so little anymore! I use him around the ranch and would love to start competing in cutting and reined cowhorse with him (but I have a full-time job that takes up all my time!).

He is laidback and very willing, which has made him a breeze to train. And he is super curious. If he can stand on it, he owns it, whether it is the lowboy hooked up to the truck, a hay bale, the deck, really anything he can get on. He loves his job of chasing cows and has good instincts when it comes to cows. It makes him fun to ride out gathering cows and will hopefully translate into the cutting pen. Beau is going to make a great kid’s horse once he has some more training under his belt. Subscribe to my email list to get updates on Beau’s training journey emailed right to your inbox!

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