Sourdough Stromboli Recipe

Here is the Sourdough Stromboli recipe I use on Sourdough Saturdays. I use the refrigerator mother for this recipe since it only uses 1 1/2 cups of starter. Although, I have been baking quite a bit lately, so my refrigerator mother has become another counter mother! I love this recipe for its versatility and howContinue reading “Sourdough Stromboli Recipe”

March 27, 2021

We were finally able to move cows on a nice day! Which was good because we had a lot of small moves to make. We are starting to get everybody shuffled around and grouped the way we need them, to all be moved off the home place this week. We spent the day bringing themContinue reading “March 27, 2021”

March 25, 2021

It has been so windy here lately, ya’ll! If the wind isn’t going to blow in the rainstorm we desperately need, then, in my opinion, it can just stop! I’m not the only one who is tired of the wind. Apparently, big, tough boys become babies in the wind. I have had the bulls atContinue reading “March 25, 2021”

Moving Cows to Spring Pasture

After having a few weeks of warm spring weather, the cold has hit again! Thankfully it didn’t rain or snow on us while we were moving cows (or maybe not since we are going back into a drought). At least we didn’t have to deal with being wet and miserably cold. I was hoping toContinue reading “Moving Cows to Spring Pasture”

Refrigerator Mother Starter Recipe

As you have read in my blog posts, My Sourdough Journey and Sourdough: Take 1, I use two different sourdough starters. One of them ended up being my Counter Mother, and the other my Refrigerator Mother. This is the recipe that was used for the Refrigerator Mother. My mom found this recipe and used itContinue reading “Refrigerator Mother Starter Recipe”

March 8, 2021

Things have been really hectic lately, so I have been a little lacks in posting. Blog posts this spring will be sparse, but I promise I am still thinking about you guys! I figured I would update you on how my sourdough journey is going since baking has been about the only consistent thing IContinue reading “March 8, 2021”

New Candle Centerpieces Are Here!

Simply Purple Centerpiece is LIVE I am super excited to announce the Simply Purple centerpiece box went live earlier today! As I mentioned in my post, New Product on Etsy, Simply Purple is the first centerpiece box I am adding to my Etsy shop. It is also the first box in my spring décor line.Continue reading “New Candle Centerpieces Are Here!”

Meet the Herd: The Cows

So far, in the Meet the Herd series, you met my quarter horse gelding, Beau. Now you get to meet the cows! I currently only have 11 cows, as I mentioned early in my post, About the Sojourner’s Journey. My operation is a cow/calf operation. This means I have mama cows that raise calves thatContinue reading “Meet the Herd: The Cows”

Sourdough: Take 2

This was the second week I made sourdough. If you want to read about the first week, click on the link. This week’s sourdough turned out much better than last week’s, and I’m attributing that to the fact that both starters were more active this week. If you haven’t read my first post about sourdough,Continue reading “Sourdough: Take 2”

Why I LOVE FitOn

I don’t know about you, but I would never workout if I had to go to the gym. For one thing, I live about an hour away from the nearest one! But even if I lived closer, I still wouldn’t go. It is too easy to just drive by after work and think about howContinue reading “Why I LOVE FitOn”

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