New on Etsy!

What’s new on CowgirlCreations? I’m am super excited to announce that I am adding a candle centerpiece boxes to CowgirlCreations! Centerpiece boxes come in three sizes small (10”x7”x3”), medium (12”x10”x4”), and large (16”x12”x6”). The small box is GOING LIVE on February 1, 2021, and medium and large boxes are COMING SOON. Centerpiece Boxes These centerpiecesContinue reading “New on Etsy!”

My Sourdough Journey

In my Journal entry from January 16, 2021, I mentioned that Mom gave me a sourdough starter for my birthday. I wanted to start making sourdough bread again but hadn’t taken the time to mix up my own starter. So, this was the perfect birthday present! Now that my sourdough is ready to be bakedContinue reading “My Sourdough Journey”

January 16, 2021

Sourdough Saturday. That is what I have decided to call Saturdays from now on! Mom made me a sourdough starter for my birthday. If you had told me five years ago that I would be over-the-moon excited about getting sourdough starter for my birthday, I would have said you were crazy. But the presents weContinue reading “January 16, 2021”

My Skincare Routine

Skincare is so important, especially for those of us who work outside, in the dust, wind, sunshine. I’m sure you get the idea! As busy women, it is difficult to find the time to establish a solid skincare routine. I started small, just a cleanser, a dark spot corrector, and a couple of different moisturizers.Continue reading “My Skincare Routine”

Meet the Herd: Beau

Meet Beauregard! Since that is such a mouthful, I call him Beau for short. Beau is a four-year-old gelding that I had the pleasure of training. He is an awesome, little horse, although he isn’t so little anymore! I use him around the ranch and would love to start competing in cutting and reined cowhorseContinue reading “Meet the Herd: Beau”

Introduction to Candles

I mention in my About Me article that I am a CANDLE SNOB. This is the story of how I became one! I started making candles in 2017. My college roommate and I loved burning candles to the point I needed a separate budget category dedicated to candles! So, I started looking into making candlesContinue reading “Introduction to Candles”

Introduction to Health and Wellness

In the Health and Wellness category, I’ll share what I do to stay healthy. Keep in mind that what each individual needs to do to keep healthy looks different. It also depends on many factors, so the information I share won’t work for everyone’s lifestyle and health needs. But I hope that some of youContinue reading “Introduction to Health and Wellness”

January 9, 2021

Mom and I moved cows today in the fog. Thankfully, we found all of them, but it took us a lot longer than we expected! It didn’t help that they had three different pastures they could hide in, either. And we had to do most of our gathering on foot because it had warmed upContinue reading “January 9, 2021”

Introduction to Cooking

Mom grows a big garden every year, and having that fresh produce has ruined buying it at the store for me! I love to cook, and everything just tastes better when it’s picked fresh out of the garden. We also try to can and freeze some of the produce for later, and that even tastesContinue reading “Introduction to Cooking”

Introduction to Beauty

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed professional or doctor, and all of the content of the beauty category has been obtained from my personal experience. I love throwing on a cute outfit, doing my makeup, and going out on the town (although since COVID pretty much shut everything down, “going out on the town” meansContinue reading “Introduction to Beauty”

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