New Candle Centerpieces Are Here!

Simply Purple Centerpiece is LIVE I am super excited to announce the Simply Purple centerpiece box went live earlier today! As I mentioned in my post, New Product on Etsy, Simply Purple is the first centerpiece box I am adding to my Etsy shop. It is also the first box in my spring décor line.Continue reading “New Candle Centerpieces Are Here!”

New on Etsy!

What’s new on CowgirlCreations? I’m am super excited to announce that I am adding a candle centerpiece boxes to CowgirlCreations! Centerpiece boxes come in three sizes small (10”x7”x3”), medium (12”x10”x4”), and large (16”x12”x6”). The small box is GOING LIVE on February 1, 2021, and medium and large boxes are COMING SOON. Centerpiece Boxes These centerpiecesContinue reading “New on Etsy!”

Introduction to Candles

I mention in my About Me article that I am a CANDLE SNOB. This is the story of how I became one! I started making candles in 2017. My college roommate and I loved burning candles to the point I needed a separate budget category dedicated to candles! So, I started looking into making candlesContinue reading “Introduction to Candles”

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