Sourdough Stromboli Recipe

Here is the Sourdough Stromboli recipe I use on Sourdough Saturdays. I use the refrigerator mother for this recipe since it only uses 1 1/2 cups of starter. Although, I have been baking quite a bit lately, so my refrigerator mother has become another counter mother! I love this recipe for its versatility and howContinue reading “Sourdough Stromboli Recipe”

Refrigerator Mother Starter Recipe

As you have read in my blog posts, My Sourdough Journey and Sourdough: Take 1, I use two different sourdough starters. One of them ended up being my Counter Mother, and the other my Refrigerator Mother. This is the recipe that was used for the Refrigerator Mother. My mom found this recipe and used itContinue reading “Refrigerator Mother Starter Recipe”

March 8, 2021

Things have been really hectic lately, so I have been a little lacks in posting. Blog posts this spring will be sparse, but I promise I am still thinking about you guys! I figured I would update you on how my sourdough journey is going since baking has been about the only consistent thing IContinue reading “March 8, 2021”

Sourdough: Take 2

This was the second week I made sourdough. If you want to read about the first week, click on the link. This week’s sourdough turned out much better than last week’s, and I’m attributing that to the fact that both starters were more active this week. If you haven’t read my first post about sourdough,Continue reading “Sourdough: Take 2”

My Sourdough Journey

In my Journal entry from January 16, 2021, I mentioned that Mom gave me a sourdough starter for my birthday. I wanted to start making sourdough bread again but hadn’t taken the time to mix up my own starter. So, this was the perfect birthday present! Now that my sourdough is ready to be bakedContinue reading “My Sourdough Journey”

Introduction to Cooking

Mom grows a big garden every year, and having that fresh produce has ruined buying it at the store for me! I love to cook, and everything just tastes better when it’s picked fresh out of the garden. We also try to can and freeze some of the produce for later, and that even tastesContinue reading “Introduction to Cooking”

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