Why I LOVE FitOn

I don’t know about you, but I would never workout if I had to go to the gym. For one thing, I live about an hour away from the nearest one! But even if I lived closer, I still wouldn’t go. It is too easy to just drive by after work and think about how tired I am or how much stuff I HAVE to get done tonight. I also have a hard time working out using my own regimen or equipment. I lose focus or decide one move is too difficult, so I move on or skip the workout altogether. But then I found this workout app called FitOn.


I absolutely love this app. I have tried other workout apps and meal apps, but FitOn by far is my favorite. First of all, it is cheap. You can use the app for free and get great workouts. With the free version, you can’t download workouts or access their meal plans. Since I don’t have internet at my house (which has been the worst, best decision of my life), I went with their PRO plan. It only costs $20/year, so really it was a no-brainer! I mostly use the app for their workouts, but I have also found some great healthy and easy recipes.

Fitness plan on FitOn


They offer a variety of workouts for all areas of the body from different trainers. The workouts range from easy, low-intensity stretches and yoga to high-intensity cardio burns. Most of their videos are geared towards beginner and intermediate skill levels. One of the best things about FitOn is their workouts range from 5 minutes to an hour. So if you’re feeling rushed (or just lazy that day, which is usually me!), you can pick a 10-minute workout. If you have more time and want to go hard, you can choose a 45 minutes workout. Or combine two, three, four different videos. You get to customize it to what you need that day!

They offer a wide variety of workout selections!


FitOn also offers meal plans. You fill out a little questionnaire, and they set up a nutrition goal for you. This plan comes with recipes, advice, and ideas based on your plan, as well as the meal plan itself. In the advice section, they not only go into nutrition, but they also cover wellness. This includes mental and physical health. I don’t use the meal plan as much because there isn’t any way to download and save recipes. But I have tried a couple of them, and they have a great variety of recipes for all diets!

Upgrade to pro to get a customized meal plan

Overall, FitOn has been one of the most user-friendly workout apps that I have used, and I am definitely in love! They provide easy to use workout videos (complete with a trainer!) and meal plans that are all based on your fitness goals. This is the perfect app for us busy women because they make it so effortless and doable! What apps have you used and like the most? Do you have any advice for those of us who struggle to keep a regular workout schedule? Comment below!

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