March 27, 2021

We were finally able to move cows on a nice day! Which was good because we had a lot of small moves to make. We are starting to get everybody shuffled around and grouped the way we need them, to all be moved off the home place this week. We spent the day bringing themContinue reading “March 27, 2021”

March 25, 2021

It has been so windy here lately, ya’ll! If the wind isn’t going to blow in the rainstorm we desperately need, then, in my opinion, it can just stop! I’m not the only one who is tired of the wind. Apparently, big, tough boys become babies in the wind. I have had the bulls atContinue reading “March 25, 2021”

January 16, 2021

Sourdough Saturday. That is what I have decided to call Saturdays from now on! Mom made me a sourdough starter for my birthday. If you had told me five years ago that I would be over-the-moon excited about getting sourdough starter for my birthday, I would have said you were crazy. But the presents weContinue reading “January 16, 2021”

January 9, 2021

Mom and I moved cows today in the fog. Thankfully, we found all of them, but it took us a lot longer than we expected! It didn’t help that they had three different pastures they could hide in, either. And we had to do most of our gathering on foot because it had warmed upContinue reading “January 9, 2021”

January 6, 2021

Today I got my new Neutrogena face wash, hydro boost gel cream, and hydro-boost hand cream. I have been trying to be better about taking care of my skin because I am outside quite a bit and am often in an incredibly dusty atmosphere. Grain elevators aren’t exactly the cleanest places! So, I got theseContinue reading “January 6, 2021”

January 1, 2021

My parents and I had a “family meeting” today. We have been working on making it so I can come home, and we can start the transition process. We’ve had a few meetings before, but in the one we had today, we actually set a timeframe for the transition process, which is super exciting! ComingContinue reading “January 1, 2021”

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